We have a 2-node NW6.5sp5 cluster where DHCP is the only clustered resource.

The heartbeat volume is on a SATA array SAN. Another volume on the same
array is filling up and there is unused space which can only be added to
the pool holding the heartbeat volume (the last allocated) not to any
other. We need to delete the heartbeat volume and take some space into the
volume which is filling up and then re-create the heartbeat volume.

What is the best approach?

Is there a way to make the cluster continue running without the heartbeat
volume and re-create the heartbeat volume later?

Do I need to delete the Cluster, manually load DHCP onto one node, and
re-create it when the new heartbeat volume is available?

I have propbably got to the end of this week to decide how to handle the
cluster before the volume is simply deleted and I'll just have to pick up
the pieces.