Curious more than anything else. We have expanded volume space on the
XIOTech san unit for resources several times over the years. We are
already aware that this eventually degrades the performance of the space
from the SAN unit point of view. We are in the process of buying new
arrays and then copying data over to a new clean large disk space.

Question: Does that performance degradation also affect Cluster behavior?
We are getting alot of abends across the servers lately, with disk
capacity at near full on most resources.

Next Question: If the above is true. Say we have a 100 gb resource. We
carve out a 500 gb space on the SAN unit and copy the old resouce to the
new resource. However, we only want to give the resource 200 gb of space
via NSSMU. (Thereby preventing users from being lazy with disk space
management.) And eventually expand the volume via NSS on the existing
partition. Would expanding from NetWare, rather than from the SAN Unit
also affect performance degradation as mentioned in the first question?