One of our customer has Netware 6.5 SP6 and Novell cluster services 1.7
I would like to configure NFS in active/active configuration. It is
recommended configuration by documentation.
Problem is, that, what is written in documentation is not true. I am sure
there must be a bug.

Problem is in command:
"xnfs unshare ..."
which has to be in cluster unload script.
This command just doesn't work.
I get error:

Failed to unshare "share path"

I am using following command in cluster resource:
xnfs unshare /images/VMware

"Images" is a name for a volume. "VMware" is root directory under this
This command does not work without cluster services also.
Is there a sintax problem, problem with documentation or something else (bug

What can I do ?
Did anybody successful configure NFS in active/active configuration ?

Best regards
Roman Lenarsic