Because this is a forum, and thus a medium for exchange of ideas and not
just a place for us to run to only in times of disaster :-), I'd like to
get a little discussion going on about what people think about the option
of SAN Boot.

We have most of our servers SAN booting, and we have no problems with it so
far. However, I'm seeing more and more at other sites where the emphasis
is to NOT SAN boot. The reason being, if your SAN goes down, you can't
boot your servers.

That makes sense, except if you think about it, if all your resources are
on the SAN unit, and your SYS is on the server itself, what good is it
really to boot up your server if you can't provide the services? The only
benefit I can think of is if we need to boot up the server for eDir
maintenance and the like. Other exceptions might be clustered DHCP which
relies on the SYS volume and doesn't use a pool.

So what's everyone else's opinion?