Hi all

We are about to start a project to implement a Linux cluster with a Fiber
Channel SAN and mpio.

We haven't taken delivery of the kit yet, but I'm trying to get my head
around how NCS, EVMS and MPIO will all hang together.

I understand that when using mpio on Linux, it is necessary to address
disks using /dev/diskl/by-name rather than /dev/sdx.

How is this going to interoperate with EVMS and NCS? From my experience of
installing NCS on Linux but using iSCSI, during the installation you are
offered disks to install the sbd on in the /dev/sdx format. Will I be able
to specify /dev/disk/by-name/xxx ?

Similarly for creating clustered filesystems using EVMS - will I need to
use the EVMS MD Multipath plugin, or will mpio take care of it? Will I be
able access disks by /dev/disk/by-name in evms?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.