We are attempting to add a fourth node to our Linux cluster (Mark- you know
this one :) )It seems to join OK - it appears in iManager and Console One
as being in the cluster and shows green, BUT if you try to migrate any
services to it they go comatose.
We have removed it from the cluster and rejoined it - same result.
In iManager the cluster properties > protocol tab doesn't show the nodeid
of the fourth node, just the original three.
In Console One the problem is worse. The cluster properties protocol tab
doesn't show anything at all. I can see the normal GIPC stuff on our other
clusters, but this one is completely blank. If I disable this page and
re-open the properties book and select 'Other' I cannot see the NCS:GIPC
Config attribute - it doesn't seem to exist (in Console Ones view) for this

Any ideas?