I'm trying to use a scheduled command (ncf file) to move a cluster
resource offline then later move it back online. Using the commands
listed via "help cluster" at the console, I should be able to use:
CLUSTER OFFLINE <Cluster Resource>
then after a delay countdown use:
CLUSTER ONLINE <Cluster Resource>
to bring the resource back online.

I have been unable to get this to perform properly and am not sure
why. For starters, what it the exact syntax needed to identify
<CLuster Resource>?

I'm doing this for troubleshooting purposes on backup software, so
want to unload a particular NLM, wait an hour or two then
offline/online the resource to bring the NLM back up. The NLM is
accessing a database on a cluster volume and is loaded as part of the
cluster volume's load script.

Can someone point out the correct syntax for idenifying <Cluster
Resource>? I'm suspecting a syntax problem as I get NO response when
trying this from the server console.