Does anyone have OES 9 sp2 working with NCS? I have had nothing but one
issue after another. If it isn't the clustering that breaks then it is
iManager. Maybe someone has a suggestion? I have opened 2 different calls
to Novell. As soon as one piece is fixed the other is broken with one node
or another. This happens everytime one of the patches to fix another issue
has been installed. They both currently have had the --entire-oes patch.

I have 2 Nodes, the first is the epoch master and seems to be ok for now.
The second node keeps coming back indicating that it is not member of a
cluster. However in edirectory it added the node.

I would think that installing a service would be a little bit friendlier
than this.

Sorry....Just really frustrated!

Thanks for any suggestions. Maybe it is time to drop Novell?