A while back, I posted here because I could only load a resource on one of
nodes in a 2node cluster. It turned out to be SLP wasn't loading correctly.

Anywho, to make a long post short: slpd isn't loading _soon enough_, which
makes my cluster resources not load. (ncpcon bind fails). my network
interface isn't coming up before slpd tries to load, and the load is
failing. it loads fine from the command line, and after that, (and a little
screwing with ncpcon to fix the comatose state) the resource will load.

Since Mark yelled at me earlier about running in runlevel 5 *ducks*, don't
worry, I'm not anymore. But how would I change the order that things start
with SYS-V init style. I change the symlink to a higher number (S08slpd to
something like S15slpd) and it works fine, everything loads on boot.
However, I'm sure this isn't the right way to do this, and anytime I change
a runlevel's services (or even run yast's runlevel editor) it resets it to

I know this should probably be in the linux-admin forum, but thought this
problem might happen to others as well, so I might wanna put it here too.

Adam Gabriel