I'm running a 2-node cluster on OES Linux SP2. I'm just clustering LDAP,
no shared storage. Everything appears to be working but I can't be sure.
(I'm new at this clustering game so if you told me to take a poison pill
otherwise I'll have a split brain I'd have no idea what you are talking

iMgr "Cluster Manager" plug-in shows the cluster state is good on both
nodes but when I do a "Run Report", iMgr says the server (named "Z") is in
an 'Unknown Node State'. Server Z was the second server added to cluster
and was just rebuilt as a Linux box. It was NetWare but cluster services
were not loaded or even installed.

When I go to Cluster Options in iMgr, server Z doesn't even show up as a
cluster object. When I go to the Protocols tab on the Cluster Properties
of the cluster object itself, server Z doesn't have an nodeid entry in the
list. (The other node, which is the master and named "O", has an entry.)

I did a comparison of the /etc/opt/novell/ncs files between the servers.
gipc.conf and nodes.xml are different. gipc.conf on server O has no entry
for server Z's nodeid. Likewise server O's nodes.xml has no elements for
server Z.

On the other hand, server Z's gipc.conf and nodes.xml have data regarding
server O.

All other files are the same between the 2 servers. (There is a minor
difference in resources.xml between the two: the namespace
definition in the DOCTYPE element is enclosed in single quotes in server
O's file and in double-quotes in server Z's.)

I suspect I that all I may need to do is copy gipc.conf and nodes.xml from
server Z to server O and cycle the cluster service on both machines. But,
like I said, I'm new at this game.

How do I get what I see in iMgr squared away? Or is this indicative of a
real problem with the cluster setup. I really do not want to tear the
cluster down and rebuild it if I don't have to.


Dave Braun
Ameren Services