I am in the planning stages of the first cluster for my organization. We
are trying to virtualize an many of our servers as we can, and I
thought that would be a good opportunity to migrate to OES Linux as
well (since I have to do a server migration to create the virtual
machine, I might as well migrate to Linux).

My goal with this first cluster is to host a number of network services
on a single load-balanced cluster that will support about 6000 systems.
I would like the servers in the cluster to all be virtual, and they
will be distributed onto separate VMWare hosts. The network services
this cluster should provide are:

Certificate Authority
eDirectory replicas?

We are planning on implementing 802.1x heavily down the road, so maybe
it would be better to have a separate cluster hosting the eDirectory
replicas and radius. We are also considering implementing Identity
Manager down the road so we want to build with that in mind.

I'm also not clear on what the best method of load-balancing cluster
nodes is in VMWare. Is round-robin DNS sufficient or do we need to
invest in a content switch?

I apologize for getting a bit windy on this post, but if you made it
this far and you have any thoughts/advice to offer or any resources to
direct me to I'd really appreciate it. I have done some net research on
the topic but so far I haven't had much luck.