OK, I know this is the cluster forum, but I have some questions regards
GroupWise on a cluster. I am running NW6.5 SP6 with GW 7 SP1 on a 2-node
cluster.. The issue I am having is that neither the GWIA agent nor the
WebAccess agent will run on a node if the MTA is not on the same node.
Consequently, if services fail-over and the GWIA or Web part loads before
the MTA, they won't load and return an error saying the database could not
be located. Also, if the MTA migrates to the opposite node, neither of the
agents will unload successfully nor will they function properly. When this
happens, I am forced to stop all services, then reload the MTA b-4 any agents.

I would like to be able to not have the dependencies that currently exist,
allowing me to have any agent loaded on any node.


Todd W Carter