We have 2 identical Netware 6.5 SP 6 Server with 2 gigabit network
adapter, Intel Pro 1000 and Marvel Yukon 1000. There is installed
Cluster Service 1.6 and have external connected Intel SSR 212 MA SAN
with Gigabit Network on ISCSI, Wsock 6i.

The following problem accure.
Starting Server A, loading ISCSI with TON,
ISCSINIT shows connected target on Server A.

Following possible errors accure :
Starting Server B, loading ISCSI with TON - iscsinit isnt able to
connect to iscsi target,
target discovery failed, target connect failed.
Serveral tries, but iscsinit not connect.
Starting Server B, loading ISCSI with TON, iscsinit connect to target
but Server A loose
connection to ISCSI target and have "drive deactivation due to driver

At this point Server A and Server B show "connect target iscsi" but
when _ldncss.ncf
ist started on Server A, error with "drive deactivation due to driver
failure" happens and
dont load the cluster volume and dont mount the SAN.

Sarting Server A, ISCSI conncet with TON, _ldncss load succesfully,
cluster volume
is loaded, partition is activated, volume is activated, volume is
mounted and secondary
IP for cluster server and cluster resource on SAN is mounted.

Starting Server B, shows connected ISCSI target, but when starting
for cluster it hangs on SBD.NLM.

There seems to be a problem with the iscsi connector, that it isnt
possbile to make
iscsi connect from both server at the same time, but without to have
connect both
server with iscsi the cluster software can not be started succesfully.

How to resolve that ? Any one has a hint ?

Thanks in advance.