Has anyone got an OES Linux cluster running under VMWare Server?

I have a NetWare 2-node cluster operational on this same VMWare server
but with OES Linux I'm having trouble.

Both the OES Linux .vmx files have the requisite 'scsix.sharedBus' and
'disk.locking' parameters. I used my working NetWare cluster .vmx files
for reference.

I have a 500MB SBD partition on scsi1:0 and a 8GB partition on scsi1:1,
the SBD has been created and 'sbdutil -f' on each node finds it.

When executing '/etc/init.d/novell-ncs start' I get this;

Starting Novell Cluster Services
Loading adminfsdrv.ko ... done
Loading adminfs.ko ... done
Removing /dev/adminfsdrv ... done
Creating /dev/adminfsdrv (major number: 251) ... done
Starting admin file system daemon ... done
Mounting adminfs at /admin ... mounted
Setting up command file "/admin/adminfs.cmd" ... done

At this point the server reboots.

I've also configured this so the SBD partition is on iSCSI thinking
there may be issues with VMWare disk access but no luck.

NSS and LUM are configured and working, I have a 'local' NSS volume on
each server.

Any ideas?