I'm preparing to move my cluster resources to a new SAN storage device. I'm
doing this by software mirroring the partitions between the old storage
device and the new storage device. When I look at nssmu or type "mirror
status" on the active node it says the partition is 100% in sync, but if I
look at it from another node of the cluster it says the partition isn't in
sync, "RAID Status: 98% Remirrored, Not in Sync, Operational, All Present".
Is this a cosmetic issue, or should I be worried that when a resource
migrates it will start to remirror?

To finish my migration I plan on offlining a resource, removing visibility
of the partition on the "old" storage, then bringing the resource online
again. After that going in and breaking the mirror, removing the partition
that isn't visible anymore.

When I did this on my first cluster I had one resource where the partition
couldn't be found, I had to reconnect the server that was hosting that
resource back to the old storage and mirror again, then repeat my steps
above. I'd like to not have to worry about doing that again.

Any ideas how to get all nodes in the cluster to see all the partitions at
100% mirrored? Should I wait?

Environment: Netware 6.5 sp5 with n65nss5a. MM is 3.21.07, 11/1/2005.