I've seen already a few posts about this problem, or is it still a
challange ;)

The problem is i don't see my cluster resources under backup exec 9.1
media server.

What's done:
- display slp services smdr.novell on the media server does see the
cluster resources.
- tsa.cfg is configured for clustering on the agents
- smsstart loads after the cluster services
- added the cluster resources with the ip's to the NDMPSVRS.DAT (do
they need a licence?)

if i want i can configure it to backup the cluster resources as local
volumes but i really prefer to backup them as cluster resources (tho i
don't think backup exec will continue backing up the cluster after a
failover, but that's just my lack of faith in this software)

out of ideas, hope anyone does have one!!

Thanx in advance...