I might be able to get funding for a cluster. I want to be able to
cluster all of my file/print/email resources for all of the employees.
I work for a public school district(k-12), so this won't be for
students right off the bat. Right now, I have faculty and staff spread
out over four or five servers with no redundancy beyond the redundant
hardware in the servers themselves. We're talking then roughly 400
users of a wide ranging variety of usage from checking email to heavy

A while ago I was discussing a cluster setup with a consultant at a
local users group. He said the best way to go is at least 3 cluster
nodes to avoid issues, which I'm assuming are split brain conditions.
Reading the TID below, it mentions that if there is a dead heat in
terms of the number of nodes, the split brain detector will have the
previous master win.

Seeing as that is the case, what is the benefit of having 3 nodes over
2 aside from having the available hardware?

'10053882: NetWare Cluster Services: The Gory details of Heartbeats,
Split Brains and Poison Pills'