We justed moved our five node Netware 6.5 SP6 (post updates MM65sp6 and
WSOCK6k) cluster from IBM SVC (IBM DS4800 attached) to native DS4800 mode.
We changed from SDD.CDM fault tolerance to DS4800 (LSIMPE.CDM)and
swiched "set Multi-Path Support = ON".
We are using QLogic QLA2310F (2GBit) and QL2360 (4Gbit) Adapter, the
load balancing of the Qlogic driver is switched off, the drivers are
current (6.90o), BIOS also updated.

After moving to DS4800 (two fabrics, four pathes to the storage, port
based zoneing) the cluster join takes about 7mins, after that, the
resources are up and running fast.

Any ideas?