I have recently taken over 3 cluster service with 2 nodes in each. All
servers are 6.5SP6 and this is my first time working with clusters. The
individual before told me that it does not matter which node in the
cluster is the master, just as long as all the resources are on that
master. At the time I said ok, but I assumed that is how it has been
done, but after thinking about it, I was not sure if that was optimal.

The non-master node would then just be sitting there waiting for the
master to fail in order to have resources loaded on it. Thus really
doing nothing. To me this sounds like a backup server more than a
cluster server. I was thinking resources could be loaded on any server
and would failover to a different server if the server it was loaded on

Firstly I was wondering if my idea is correct as to the location of the
resource does not matter? I was not involved in the setup of the cluster
so I'm not sure if everything is setup right. Are there some things to
look for through C1 or iManager to make sure the cluster is correct and
that the resources can be loaded on any node and still be accessed?