Just an FYI -- modifying the IP addresses of cluster resources (data
pools) using ConsoleOne makes changes to the unload and load scripts,
but only 1/2 changes them (why?) -- if you leave the changes as-is...
the resources will not come back online and will end up comatose...

If you update the <old IP> with the new IP in the load and unload
script (as follows)

exit_on_error ncpcon bind --
ncpservername=YOUR_VIRTUAL_SERVER_NAME_HERE --ipaddress=<old IP>

ignore_error ncpcon unbind --ncpservername=MCECLUSTER_DATABASE_SERVER
--ipaddress=<old IP>

The resource will come back online...

Apparently, changing the IP Address in the IP Address tab only
modifies the add_ del_ lines in the load / unload script
automatically, but not the other 'default' script IP address

Is there a good reason for the script only being modified half-way by

It leaves the resource in an unusable state, so I couldn't see why the
default behavior is acceptable.