I have posted this in the GW forum, but then realized the question is much
more a clustering one. So here is the scenario.

I curently have a SAN with 5 - 72 Gbyte drives, clustered on 2 nodes and
set up with NW 65 SP6 running GW 701 with one domain, two PO's, Web
Access, GWIA & IM. Fast running out of space. We have added 9 new 300
Gbyte drives to the SAN and I have tested presenting LUNS to the GW
cluster. No problem so far. But now we want to move everything off the
existing physical drives onto the new ones, then replace the old drives
with new 300s. I think I can move the GW data and installation to the new
drives without any more than the regular problems with moving data, but my
problem is with the quorum. How do I move that off the small drives and
onto the new ones and still maintain the integrity of my cluster? And
would anyone (Hmmmm, Tim Heywood?) have any thoughts on the process? Or
caveats that I may not be aware of?

In other words, How do I do this? <:-)

Thanks in advance for any help provided. These forums have very much
helped in the past and I am sure there must be an easy way to do all this.

Todd W Carter