ryansinn@gmail.com wrote:
> Anybody have any thoughts on running an Oracle RAC on NSS instead of
> RAW disks or OCFS2 file system?
> I'd prefer to have Novell Cluster Services (NCS) manage everything,
> but it looks like I might have to "double configure" my cluster so
> that Oracle Clusterware manages one Array on my SAN and have NCS
> manage the other Array on the same SAN...
> Seems like a recipe for slower performance and perhaps some confusion
> since the two cluster services aren't aware of each other -- although
> that shouldn't matter...
> So... any thoughts?

If you mean NFS yes and it works extremely well provided it is the
Oracle supported NFS 3 such as NetApps.

NCS doesn't do much of anything done by RAC. Create multiple LUNS
on your array and keep Oracle and Novell separate.
Daniel A. Morgan
University of Washington
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