Hi all,

I am moving a 6 node NCS cluster from iSCSI to F/C on new HP G3 blades with
a NetApp FAS920c SAN. The plan was "just" to present the existing volumes
over F/C rather than iSCSI and migrate the cluster nodes.

I have just tried a 160GB NSS volume that I have been using for testing &
performance, the new blade server sees the F/C LUN as a device in NSSMU and
NRM and shows the correct size, but neither tool displays any partitions,
pools or volumes on that LUN (they are 1-1-1).

I can create new NSS pools and vols over F/C but cant see any existing ones.
Anyone got any ideas? What am I missing?

Why might I not be able to see the partition table on the LUN presented? If
I re-present the LUN as iSCSI I can see all as expected.

Any thoughts appreciated.