I have been in a NetWare environment for almost a year now. I am now
charged with a project to migrate some NetWare servers to a SAN and
enable cluster services (NetWare 6.5). The SAN is a MSA1000 with fiber
channel nics in the clustered servers. Currently, each server has one
partition of about 270GB (3 x 146GB on RAID 5) that has the boot
partition, SYS volume, and the volumes I need to cluster. In order to
implement clustering, I have some problems to resolve.

1) The SYS volumes are almost completely full as they are only 4GB in
size. In order to fix this so I can install the components for
Clustering services, I need to shrink the other volumes and resize the
SYS for more space. Currently, I have no idea on what utility to use
other than some software from Portlock.

2) Once the SYS volume problem is fixed, I need to move the volumes
that will need to be shared to the SAN. After doing this, I need to
place mirrored 72GB drives in the servers to move the SYS and boot
partition so I can use the 146GB drives for another purpose. This is
the part where I don't have a clue on what to do. I have thought about
GHOST but I'm not sure if it will recognize NSS partitions or if a
bit-by-bit transfer from 270GB partition to a 72GB partition will even

If anyone has anything to enlighten me on where to start with all this,
it would most certainly be appreciated.