I need to set up a NetWare 6.5 SP6 cluster for a client that has a
Compaq DL380 connected to an EMC SAN with Qlogic host adapters. The
server is currently connected to the SAN with multiple pools and
volumes (each volume has its own pool). I want to add a second Compaq
DL380 server for a 2 node cluster. The servers will have a local SYS:
volume that would obviously not be clustered. I want to cluster the
other volumes that are on the EMC SAN. I have read the cluster docs
but am unsure on a couple points.

1. The partitions were created at the point that we installed NW 6.5
on the server so they are not 'upgraded' from earlier NW versions.
However, when I use NSSMU to look at the partitions it says 'Not
shareable for clustering'. Is this what I should expect before cluster
services are installed on the first server? Or does this mean that I
have to blow away these partitions and recreate them in some way that
makes them shareable for clustering?

2. After I install cluster services on the first server, I would then
want to install NetWare on the server that will be the second node of
the cluster and have it access the same EMC shared storage (and
therefore same NetWare pools & volumes) that the first server sees?
And then install cluster services on it? Or do I install the server,
install cluster services on it and then connect it to the EMC SAN?

3. They are using a database running on NetWare Sybase on the current
server. Is there any problem with having this run on the cluster? I
don't see this listed in the 'Resource Configuration Guide'.

Any help would be appreciated.