G'Day Guys,

I've posted this on the Groupwise Install Forum as well but it might get a
quicker respons here.

We've been setting up a new Groupwise 7 Cluster of 16 servers and have run
into one minor issue / question.

Greg Hinchman in his book published by TayKratzer "Success with Clustering
Groupwise 7" suggests on page 77 that client/server ports for POs need to
be set to a port other than 1677 (except for one which is NGWNAMESERVER in

This is very understandable to handle port confilcts in the event of a

My question is this. How does the client know which port is now set on
the POA it needs to communicate with? Does it rely on GWNAMESERVER to
tell it? If so, that would seem counterproductive and a single point of
failure which is what we are setting up clustering to avoid.

Any thoughts? Please don't tell me we have to configure the client the
same. That isn't feasible with over 12,000 clients.


Bill Greenham