I've built a 2 node OES-Linux cluster and am trying to manage it via
iManager (2.5 maintenance update 3) from a third OES-Linux box (all
OES-Linux machines are SP2 and patched). After I browse to and select
the cluster object to be managed I receive the error:

"File Protocol error occurred: cannot open the NCS version file on the
selected cluster. The Cluster software may not currently be running
on the this server."

TID 3085267 indicates /etc/pam.d/openwbem is jacked and should be
modified per the TID. My openwebem file looks EXACTLY like the
correct one in the TID. Anything else I can do do identify why this
error is occuring? What or where is the 'NCS version file' the error

I have no problems managing the cluster from the command line.