This is a lab adventure in preparation for migrating our existing NW 6.0

I've got two computers running OES Linux. They share an external SCSI
drive (/dev/sda), which has been cluster-enabled. While using nssmu to
create a clustered pool on it, 'Error 20896 Operation on a shared device
is rejected' always appears.

I deleted the cluster object, removed and re-installed NCS on both servers
and tried again. During the 'Cluster Services (NCS) Configuration' step, I
am unable to create an SBD parition. The only device that appears in the
drop-down is the shared SCSI drive (it shows up as 'sda', not '/dev/sda'),
and this is the one where I want to put the clustered pool. No matter, it
fails to create the SBD partition anyway. Here is the pertinent contents
(last three lines) of /opt/novell/install/ncslog:

Creating SBD partition ...
run: /opt/novell/ncs/bin/sbdutil -c -n Test_Cluster -d sda -d sda
NCS install failed to create SBD partition

I get no error when I create the cluster without specifying the 'Optional
device for SBD partition', but I can't create the clustered pool, either.

My reference for this exercise is Pro Novell Open Enterprise Server, by
Sander van Vugt, which is otherwise very informative and helpful. The only
entry I found in Novell's KB pertained to NetWare clustering.

Tks n rgds,
Richard White
Mason County, Washington