Hi There,

I have been using the EVAL BM 1.8 RADIUS installed onto my Netware 6.5.3 and 6.5.5 servers, which has worked for ages, however I have the following Niggles that are now an issue.

On one windows box (where I mainly administer ConsoleOne) if I click on my DAS object, all the clients are listed correctly.

Copying this ENTIRE consoleone directory to another Windows PC (I have tried two) results in the "RADIUS Clients" being blank! (ie. no clients are listed).
Furthermore loading RADIUS on a spare netware server here always displays "UNKNOWN RADIUS CLIENT" when attempting to authenticate. (on oldder server has just died so I am moving 2nd RADIUS server to another server)

I am sure this is the same issue, but I cannot work out why the RADIUS database is not being replicated correctly - can someone Help?

(From the other server, RADIUS is OK as long as I modify RADIUS Client using the 'good' consoleone.