Is anybody else using F-Secure Client Security AND Novell

If so, we've isolated a problem where Client Security 7.0.1 causes a
BSOD & reboot when clntrust tries to initially authenticate to the
proxy server. If you're already authenticated to the proxy server,
everything works fine. If you unload clntrust and authenticate
manually, everything works fine. The BSOD only occurs during the
initial connection. It only affects about 10% of our users, but with
that 10% it's *VERY* consistent. So far, the only fix we've come up
with is to back-rev to an older version of Client Security.

We're currently running Novell BorderManager 3.8.4, with clntrust from
11/23/2005, and F-Secure Client Security 7.0.1.

If you're running these two programs together, have you encountered
this problem?