bm3.8, sp4 on nw6.5, sp5

Seems that the proxy doesn't resolve local addresses quite right. Its
bugged me on and off in the past, but now, we have a new "critical" app
running on internal windoze servers/sql with an IIS front end, and we
were having problems accessing the application because it was going
through the proxy.

IMO, there's no need to proxy/cache a local site on a single-segment
gigabit switched lan.

One of the issues was with naming. accessing the site by
"http://192.168.1.x/appname" was causing fits. tech support for the
app says it should be "http://servername/appname/etc"...which clients
dont' seem to be able to resolve. they get a bordermanager error page
("502 bad gateway").

what I don't get is that I have an internal dns server, (on nw 6.5),
the server's name is listed, I can ping it by name from my workstation,
I can ping it by name from the bordermanager server console. BM is
configured to point to this internal dns server first, it has the
internal domain listed, and the server's name is in the host file...the
only thing that can't seem to find it is the proxy.

could there be something in proxy.cfg?

meanwhile, I fixed the immediate problem by setting up the servername
as a non-cacheable url pattern, and that seems to have fixed it...but
ultimately, I'd like to insure that bordermanager is only used for
caching internet stuff, and not local stuff. the internet is slow
enough, as it is, these days.