Ladies and Gentlemen,

Every time I configure my Master VPN Server, the only one I will have
for client to site, a NOESN 6.5.6 box running BM 3.9, VPMASTER.NLM 3.9
HOGS the CPU to @85% or so. I unload it, the hog goes away. I reload
it, the hog comes back.

I have tried the 3.8 version, and while probably not recommended, it
too becomes a hog.

To make certain, I also have the 3.7 version, and I will try it after I
get a few more hot irons quenched.

I have reported the problem (with 3.9) to Novell engineering through I wonder if I will get a response. I'm hoping that they
have had enough of these incidents that they have at least a beta that
will work until they can release, perhaps a SP1 to 3.9, or are working
on one.

Has anyone else had this problem? Did you get it solved? If so, how?

Thank you.

Tom Simpson, CNE, MCNE, MCSE, MCIW
Omaha, NE