Hi everyone,

a few days ago I upgraded from OES (NetWare 6.5.3) to OES SP1 (NW 6.5.4).

For some reason iFolder has disappeared from NetStorage, and I can't administer NetStorage
using iManager ("Service not available. Possible cause: Unauthorized"), and can't get into
NSAdmin (logging in as an admin user I get "...is not authorized to access the NetStorage
You must be logged in as the NetStorage proxy user or equivalent.
Logout then try again."
Logging in as the NetStorage proxy user, the login dialogue reappears over and over again).

At the same time everything disappeared from NetStorage, but I managed to get the login
script to be processed and storage locations to be used by fixing the registry entries
using Novell Remote Manager, but I can't find why iFolder doesn't appear (iFolder works
fine from the Windows client), nor why I can't get into NSAdmin.

On the plus side, Virtual Office now works again (it was broken since OES [NetWare 6.5.3],
but since it wasn't being used I didn't worry too much when I couldn't fix it).