I wish to apologize in advance if this has been covered before, and
for the
lenthy nature of this post. However, I seem to have exhausted the TIDs
just about every other resource regarding this issue. Firstly, The

A Dell PowerEdge with a mess o RAM and a fast honkin processor
NW 6 server - no service packs installed
iFolder 1.01
Using NDPS but not iPrint (as yet)
IP address:
Server Name: USP1
DNS Name (from the DNS-DHCP Console "A" record list)
Installed the iFolder server without incident. Chose to install on ONE
address/NIC using alternate ports, as previous installs on separted IP

addresses/NICs yielded approximately the same results.

iFolder is listening on 8280 and 82443

A check of TCPCON shows that indeed the server is listening on Ports
and 636. and that my local machine is connected to 52433 when I access
ifolder Admin page.

iFolder loads OK with the following error - which appears twice in the

Apache for NW console: "Failed to resolve server name for
(check DNS) or specify an explicit server name." The iFolder server
appears to load normally.

TID 10075010 suggests downloading an LDAP browser created by Jarek
which I did. I am able to connect to the server in both anonymous andauthenticated modes using both ports 389 and 636 using the LDAP
browser. I
am also able to browse the server using the following URL:

I have read and implemented ALL TIDs related to the error in the
line - some of them helped get the server to load (I don't recall thenumber but it was the one that suggested creating new key material and

editing the conf file to point to the new key).
I have re-created key material in Console 1 and used that in the LDAPserver object, edited the appropriate conf files to use that key
refreshed the LDAP server, stopped and started iFolder and pretty much

built and rebuilt the thing from the ground up several times. I can
and configure iFolder in my sleep now, and actually do a couple of
times a

I am curious as to why the LDAP server appears to be functioning and
the iFolder Admin page will not let me authenticate to the server.

Is this because I have been remiss in installing the service packs? Is
error corrected in the service packs?

Any input on this issue will be greatly appreciated. I have flogged
thing for weeks now, and the patience of my superiors is wearing thin,
is mine.