Lower the maximum space on the account to 3000MB. That fixed it for

>>> Jacques Sauve<jacques@adaris.ca> 03/21/02 05:47AM >>>

I have created an account in our tree called Library. Our techs login
synchronize with this account so that we all have the latest versions
of our
patches and updates on our laptops.

I gave the Library account a quota of 4000MB in the iFolder server.
There is
currently about 560Mb of stuff in our folder.

Now, when I login, I get this error:

"iFolder synchronization cannot complete because you don't have enough
on the server.

Free space on the server = 3371.3 MB (total space available = 4000.0
Space needed to complete synchronization = 0.0 MB

Please free up space in your iFolder and click Ok.
Click Cancel to cancel the sync."

Is it just me, or does something not compute, here?