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Thread: ifolder redirect

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    stuartj@adjc.az.gov NNTP User

    ifolder redirect

    Is it possible to make ifolders webpage come up when someone types:

    If so, how do you do this? Currently iFolder runs on port 52443 and
    52080. I dont want to bind it to another IP address...

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    Bill Swisher NNTP User

    Re: iFolder redirect

    You didn't mention what server software //mydomain.com is running. It
    be done in IIS and with Apache. With an Apache server you can use the

    REDIRECT command in the configuration file i.e.

    Redirect /iFolder/
    Redirect /iFolder


    Redirect /ifolderlogin/
    Redirect /ifolderlogin

    Just some examples.

    In IIS just create a virtual server and then you can modify the
    to redirect to another site with port numbers.

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