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Thread: Ifolder on Secondary IP address

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    Thys de Beer NNTP User

    Ifolder on Secondary IP address

    HI All,

    right I installed my nwserver6 with ifolder 1, did all the other stuff
    needed to be done, then added a secondary IP address to the box and =installed ifolder2 to that IP, so all is fine accept webaccess, it
    starts out with the certificate that not authorized, that's fine but the it
    tells me that the hostname and the security certificate does not match, if I
    then still accept to continue, and try to login, I must then put in
    the IP address and not my URL specified for the ifolder...

    must I ad another certificate?

    Kind Regards,

    Thys de Beer
    Novell Engineer
    North West Provincial Government

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    Re: Ifolder on Secondary IP address


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