We have a policy in our company to restrict access with Novell login.To workstation users get administrator access after login (we are
planning on changing this but this is not the point of the problem)

I logged in to Novell network with my user1 and when windows asked for

the workstation user I logged in as Administrator to the computer. I
then enabled iFolder user1 and logged in for the first time.
Everything went ok. IFolder asked for the home-directory etc.

But when I logged in to Novell network as user1 and to workstation asuser1 I got the messsage:"You must be logged in to your computer as
Administrator for your iFolder login request" after trying to login to

iFolder as user1. I checked Users and Passwords from control panel and

my user1 belonged to groups users;administrators specifically in thatorder. The other users on the computers belonged to groups
administrators;users and they have had no problems.

One of my collegues had exatly the same problem and he was also
users;adminstrators not administrators;users

Other users at my company who have administrators;users have had no
I then created a newuser logged in as user1 and logged in to iFolder
for the first time. I then logged out and logged in as administrator.I tried to login to iFolder and it said:":"You must be logged in to
your computer as USER1 for your iFolder login request"

Is this a bug in iFolder or something? This shouldn't be like this.
Has anybody ideas for the workaround because this is really

Other thing is that doesn't necessarily relate to this problem is that

this user1 is ifolder-admin and I changed it's password recently. I
can login to management console with the new password (only to user
section not the global one this is propably due to fact that it isn'tin the default container but underneath it) but if I try to login to
client it says authentication failed on
the Ldap server and invalid password on the client. Password can't bewrong because it works on the Novell login and Management console

Well if any of you have any ideas they would be really appreciated

Best regards and thank you for replys in advance
Antti Mattila