I have had a lot of problems with ifolder 2.0 and now everything seems

to work ok.

But I keep having "Ldap_search_ext: can't connect to Ldap server(-81)"

errors sometimes. We had really big problems with our Ldap server a
while ago because it had utilization of 95-98% continuously after
memory upgrade but dsrepair solved it. Now it is between 5-40%. When
the server had problems with utilization iFolder was almost useless
and it got "Ldap master down" and "Can't connect to Ldap server" all
the time. But the utilization can't be a problem any more right?

I'm a bit concerned about the issue because it promises trouble in the

future. I don't like error messages coming to the iFolder apache
screen say like every 20 minutes.

Something is wrong but what? We are using port 389 for LDAP by the

Best regards and thank you for replys in advance
Antti Mattila