I am trying to get iFolder 2.1 working on a brand new installation of
netware 6 using the Dell server assistant CD and the nw6sp3 overlay cd
on a Power Edge 2650 server, installing the server into an existing
tree that already has one nw6 server in it. The server has a private
IP address.
LDAP is configured and appears to be working on existing nw6 server.
I upgraded to iFolder 2.1 by uninstalling the original iFolder and
then installing the new iFolder, specifing the appropriate IP
addresses, etc.
A number of things happen:
1. When I use explorer to access the server, it is on a private IP
address, the Apache web page comes up, but when I choose either links,
it puts in the name of the server, rather than leaving the ip address
there and will not display the page. When I put in the IP address, it
still won't display the page.
2. It will also abend the server.
Any help is appreciated.