I've been having iFolder in a test use on two contexts
and ou=y,ou=x,ou=x,o=x and it has worked ok (I keep having cannot
connect to Ldap server errors on iFolder server screen but I have hadno trouble with it till now).

I extended iFolder containers to include ou=z,ou=z,o=z and it worked
ok. But when I added ou=w,ou=z,o=z also to ldap search context in
Console one and httpd_additions_nw I could see the users from the w,
x, y, and z container but I could only enable users on x, y and
surprisingly z container.

I then added to Console one iFolder ldap settings to look like:
iFolderLdapcontexts: *ou=x,ou=x,o=x;*ou=z,o=z

and httpd_additions_nw.conf: LdapLoginDnContext
(two times because it is there LdapLoginDnContext is two times in thefile. I don't see why but that's not the point)

Now when I search users I find all the users in all the added
containers but when I try to enable user I get an error:

modifyObject: Unknown error
distinguished name: cn=testifolder,ou=w,ou=z,o=z
objectClass: iFolderUser
attribute: iFolderServerName

I have three iFolder admins. Two in ou=x,ou=x,o=x and one in
It could be a rights problem but when one of the two admins had too
little access it got the error: modifyObject: insufficient access
Not: modifyObject: Unknown error
The admins have different NDS-rights but the error occurs with all ofthem.

Any help would be appreciated because I can't get users on w container

to use iFolder.

Best regards and thank you for replys in advance

Antti Mattila
Kci Konecranes Plc.