I've been meaning to try ifolder since brainshare last year and
finally got around to signing up and downloading the demo client.

For some reason it completely ignored my proxy settings.

I did the install and the requisite reboot. I then attempted to log
in with my signed up information (after setting the prxoy server of
course) and couldn't connect.

I tried again, this time watching "netstat -an" output to see what was

going on with the network.

Not surprisingly, the only SYN_SENT connection opening is one to the
IP address of ifolderdemo.novell.com. No connectoins to my proxy

So I reboot.

I change the proxy setting to a non-existent IP to be sure I'm not
missing the connection. That ip never shows up in the netstat output.

I wave my fingers at it and call it names. I threaten it with an
uninstall. No luck.

I undo the proxy setting in the client and ask it politely to stop
using the proxy server.

I create a filtering exception on my (bordermanager) firewall for port

80 and I'm in.

I have the client log out and undo that filter exception.

I put the proxy settings back in and attempt to log in. It appears to

log in.

Inside the client I see "connection broken with server" throughout the


I ask the client to log out so I can monitor the connections from thebeginning.

everything locks up. Time to reboot.

Is anyone else having similar experiences? Have there been proxy
support improvements since I downloaded the client this morning?