System Edir 8.6.1 iFolder 2.0 Linux RH 7.3

We are having a problem with a user ifolder account that is quite
Account is sycned accross 3 Pc's 2 via the internet and 1 local.
The account has been in service for 6+ Months with no issues until


When a machine syncs with the server and has documents to upload the
clinet indicates via the logs that the files have been synced.
When you then check through either netdrive or the WWW interface the
are not there.
When sysncing down to a new pc with a fresh install of ifolder client
logs indicate that the sync has finished though only 25% of the files
are in
the home directory on the local machin ( Client ). All the files
however are
in the /program files/novell/ifolder/%username%/ directory and have a
extension on them.

This issues is only on one user account with 5GB of data no ther
are affected.

Has anyone seen this issue??
Does anyone know what roles the DIRCON.DAT and CONTROL.DAT files play
in the
scheme of things.

Is there a way to recover from this situation.
By the way you can place files into and retrieve them with Netdrive no

issues at all.

Thabks group