Last night we upgraded eDir on our iFolder server from 8.6.2 to 8.7
it has broken iFolder.

NW 5.1 SP5, iFolder 2.0

During troubleshooting, we discovered there was an update to eDir which included an updated NLDAP, so we applied that. Many hours spent and this is the point we are at.

12:58:32 12:58:32 ldap *MASTER[] down
12:58:32 LDAP initialization failed.
12:59:30 12:59:30 *MASTER[][-1] ldap_simple_bind :
contact LDAP server(81)
12:59:30 12:59:30 ldap *MASTER[] down
12:59:30 LDAP initialization failed.
13:00:28 13:00:28 *MASTER[][-1] ldap_simple_bind :
contact LDAP server(81)
13:00:28 13:00:28 ldap *MASTER[] down
13:00:28 LDAP initialization failed.

The ldap master is on the same server as iFolder.

TIDs point to importing the LDAP schema and we tried various ways of doing that, but the schema is not updating.

Thanks for any help.