I have a nw6 server running sp3 and IFolder 2.1.

I tried to create a second Ifolder 2.1 Instance for testing reasons in
its own address space named IFOLDER1. The original instance is running
in address space IFOLDER.

When I start the second instance with startifolder1.ncf the following
error occurs:

12.06.2003 13.01.00 : SERVER-5.60-2187 [nmID=D0006]

Removed address space because of memory protection violation

Address Space: IFOLDER1

Reason: Page Fault, Insufficient rights to write to page

Running Thread: Apache 1


Access Location: 0xD7F78914

When I stop the Adminserver and start the ifolder instance in the os
address space, it starts without any errors and is working fine.

The original Ifolder is is not influenced.

I copied the config files from the original ifoldersetup and changed
the document root, ip-addresses and dns names.

Because the above error, I updated to NW6 SP3, but without success.
The error did not go away.

Thanks for any response

Regards from Austria

PS: Sorry for the duplicate post, I did not know, what is the right