This is an existing installation of 2.0 on NetWare 6sp2 edir 8.6.2. It
been working fine for months....

Starting Friday, none of the users could get logged in. From the
workstations, we get "you are not authorized to use ifolder". Checking
ifolder screen on the server I see "IS_USER [0]" , then "LOCATE_SERVER

username unprovisioned user".

When I login to the ifolder management console, all the users say they
enabled, but not activated yet by the user. In fact, all the users
have been
enabled for months...

Of course nothing has changed on the server. I've unloaded and
reloaded both
ifolder and nldap several times this morning. I also started an ldap
I can see it searching all the contexts for the user when logins are
attempted, but I'm not sure what else I should be seeing there.

LDAP is configured for clear text, and since I can login to the
console, I obviously have the admin stuff set correctly.