In case anyone is having problems accessing iFolder both inside and =outside of a proxy using a single DNS entry there is a bug. I've been
working with support on it for a few days. They are saying that I need
to setup a split DNS or use a host file entry because there is something
in the java coding that make the client ignore your proxy settings and
try to directly connect to the IP address of the iFolder server. The strange
part is everything looks fine until you try to login, then it breaks and
all you get is a failure message. I have some sniffer traces of it.

As yet, I haven't figured out what to do. I really don't want to add 2
extra DNS servers to service my external records and I definitely
don't want to put host entries in 3000 internal computers.

Does this work on earlier versions of iFolder? I can't believe that I
have the only network that uses a single set of DNS servers for both
internal and external entries. This must be happening to other people.

Rob Aronson, President
Perfect Networks, Inc
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