The following is my problem:

I have a fulle functioning iFolder 2.0 on my NW 6.0 SP2 system.
Border manager on a different server connected to the same tree. My
fileserver (including apache and iFolder) is on my main server.

Everything works fine inside my Bordermanager BUT from the outside I can´t login to my iFolder server using either Client login nor Web
(java enabled). The only thing that works is PDA login but as far as I

have tried you cannot uppload files over this login method (download works fine).

When I try to login via the client it seems to connect OK and even
to reconcile but then it breaks the connection "connection with server

When I try via the browser I get "user account not initialized"

Any ideas?


PS. Filters at the Borders are allowing traffic to my iFolder at two ports 52443 and 52080 wich are my correct ports. Have I forgotten some

ports or traffic filters?