When using iFolder and BM on the same server do you have to run
iFolder on a
secondary IP address or will it work on the primary public IP.

We currently have iFolder working internally and are preparing to try
from outside thinking (maybe foolishly) that we could simply point the

client at <company.com>:52080. It works this way on my test box at
home but
this sits behind an ADSL router running NAT, not BM. We aslo have
installed on this machine and were hoping to be able to access users
homedrives in a similar way only over port 80.

If one or both of these need to be on a secondary ipaddress can
please give a brief explanation of "reverse proxy" as I gather from
info that it will definately work this way.

If it can work on the primary are there any disadvantages to so doing?
I am
happy to try this wilth filters down as we are firewalled upstream
anyway so
dropping the filters temporarily is not a problem.

If you need further info please ask