Why on earth does Netware release all these half-baked products?

Okay. Now that's out. I'm struggling with Netstorage.

I set it up on a harmless little test netware 6 box, and as I've
with it, I would keep changing the config, which I could only do by
reinstalling but hey, it was a test. So, I had it down where I wanted

it and when time came to update our live servers from Nw5.1 to 6 sp3,
installed netstorage on the server we want to run it from, no problem.

But it doesn't behave the same way, even though I did the same process

and used the same CD to install OS and patches. (and yes, I'm using
same browser versions and all). The Netstorage files are the same
from my test server to my production server.

1) I can't get NS to search my tree for the user so unless I providethe context, the user can't get in at all. After reading the
"installing NetStorage" document I gathered I should specify no
at all on my primary edir tree. Under step 4, paragraph 4 the last
reads: "If no context is specified, NetStorage searches the entire
edirectory tree on the primary edirectory server for user objects.
Fine, that's what I want. But it does no such thing. I get promptedfor a login and no matter what I put in it says, invalid, try again.
can use context, not use context, try a hundred different users...no

(I found TID 10066995 that says LDAP has to be set to use clear text
passwords for contextless logins...say what???? But even still, I
get in with a context so this can't be an LDAP issue, yet)

2) So I installed it in my lab where I had hoped to be able to test
easily because of course, you have to reset the server after every
install of Netstorage for the changes to take effect (no, the nsadminutility DOES NOT exist, contrary to TID 10066995). This install,
the exact same thing is even worse. It will authenticate my
is to say I don't get an error back saying it can't find me try againplease...but once it authenticates it pops up an error saying the
can not be found!!

I've found next to nothing in the way of documentation, what I've
is clearly not correct. If we are supposed to use these tools, then
doesn't Novell make them at least marginally functional before putting

them out there? I'm so tired of telling my users "almost...wait for
next update...." I've been saying that since before Netware 4.10 with

respect to easy remote file access. Most of my clients have migratedtheir files over to unix platforms because they are sick and tired ofwaiting.

All I want to do is 1) not force my users to have to type in some long

string of user/context 2) allow them to get to their files, and 3) do
securely. I was close to having that happen on my test box but can
duplicate that now, no matter what the heck I do and as I said, it's
same install files and process.